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Five Star Tree Removal Review

Thanks for the great job you guys. Nice to have the sun shining through to our house now.


JR Fent
Hanson, MA Home Owner



Five Star Tree Removal Review

You did a nice job and thank you for cleaning up all those branches. The front yard looks so nice now.


Bill M.
Carver, MA



Five Star Tree Removal Review

Those pine trees have been a problem for many years. So glad we had you take them down and now the house looks so good from the street. And, as you said, it will help prevent wood rot by letting the sun in. Great clean up too!

Jerry F.

Plymouth, MA Home Owner



Five Star Tree Removal Review

Your workers were so professional. Thank you for being careful of my rose bushes. Place looks beautiful.


Plymouth, MA



Five Star Tree Removal Review

We just started putting in our new patio thanks to your company for removing those two big old pine trees. They have been an eyesore for years. No more pine needles and pollen!!

Thank you!

Michele D.

Kingston, MA



Plymouth Tree Service

Hire a Tree Removal Professional

The main thing to know about tree removal is under no circumstances should you attempt to do it by yourself. First of all, you very likely don’t have the equipment you need. Additionally, renting the required equipment is often more expensive than just hiring a tree removal service, so you aren’t doing yourself any favors here. Moreover, it will likely take you quite a bit more time than it would take the professionals, and you will have to dispose of all the tree remnants  yourself which will just be a downright pain.

Then of course — and this really is the biggest reason of all to hire a professional — you don’t know what you are doing. If you think “How hard can it be to cut down a tree”, the answer is very. It can be dangerous and you don’t want to hurt yourself, hurt others or cause damage to your own property, any surrounding properties or any service type items such as power lines.

In fact, most insurance companies won’t even insure you if they find out you were injured or caused damage to a piece of property because you tried to remove a tree yourself. Professional tree removal services however, have their own insurance, and if — on the very off chance — something were to happen, you would in no way be liable. This is something to seriously think about when looking into the various tree services near you.

There are a few additional tree removal pointers you should be aware of before you take the plunge. Specifically, tree removal doesn’t usually include tree stump removal unless specifically asked for, and this will likely be an additional fee. And you will want to eventually consider stump removal as leaving a tree stump for an extended period of time can end up causing problems for your yard as a whole (namely unwanted rot and pests that can harm your other plants). So looking into stump removal at the same time as tree removal may relive some stress down the road.

Do note there are other reasons to remove a tree, besides it becoming desired and dying. For example you might want to remove a tree because you are allergic to it. You may also want to remove a tree because it is blocking the light for the plants and flowers or even little veggie garden you really want to grow below. Or, you may want to remove a tree because it is too close to your home and you are afraid of it cause damage it could cause. Finally, you could want to remove a tree simply because you don’t like it. All of these are valid reasons to remove a tree from your personal property.

When it comes to tree removal, all you really need to know is a) whether or not you really want or need to do it, and b) always hire a professional. If you can answer the first question and follow through on hiring a professional, your tree removal process should be a smooth and painless one.

Five Things To Consider When Making Over Your Yard

You have this home you absolutely love. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort turning the inside into nothing short of a dream and it is finally finished. Now there is just one thing left to tackle — the yard. You want to create an awesome outdoor space. You know in doing so you are not just maximizing your livable space and extending your potential hosting area, you are also increasing the value of your home overall. Most importantly though, you’re creating a space for you and your family to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. The issue is, you really aren’t sure where to start.

Luckily we have a list of five things you should consider before jumpstarting this new backyard adventure. And once you’ve thought about them, you’ll be in a much better position to move forward with creating your own yard oasis.

Get Your Trees Professionally Pruned

If you already have plants, bushes or trees in your yard, consider having them professionally pruned, shaped and cared for. Sort of like a full on makeover, but for your outdoor plants. Why start over from scratch when you have quality living things that just need a bit of TLC?

Giving your trees and bushes a good trim really helps in two ways. First, and most obvious, it gives them a type of face lift. These plants are wild and without attention, they grow in odd ways that can make them look bedraggled, un-uniform, run down and just unattractive. Second, it actually is good for them. Cutting off diseased or dying limbs or limbs that are sucking nutrients away from the rest of the plant will ensure they grow, thrive and brighten up, which is good for them and makes them look a whole lot better as well!

That said, when it comes to trimming and pruning your trees and bushes, it is important to find a qualified Arborist or tree trimming company that knows what they are doing. This is because, a) you don’t want to accidentally over trim your trees or bushes and have them dye as a result. There is a fine balance between a healthy trim and over trimming and your qualified Arborist will know exactly how to find it. Then b) your Arborist or tree trimming company will know how trim your plants in such a way as to be really aesthetically appealing. There’s a lot of room for mess-ups with this and you don’t want your backyard vision to be the thing that pays the price because you tried to do it all yourself and failed.

Hire an Arborist

This ties in, to an extent, with the idea of timing your plants for health as well as beauty; seriously consider getting yourself a Tree Doctor or Arborist for extra care of your plants. Apart from trimming, your Arborist will be able to tell you what the overall health of your plants are (like a check up), if it is even worth it to trim and save them or if they are doomed and it would be better just to remove them altogether.

Then, if the plant is able to be saved, they will be able to do additional things to bring that plant back to full health and life. They can feed it the nutrition it needs, they can adjust its area to ensure it retains or expels water better and so much more. Thus giving it a better look, longer life and ensuring it won’t jeopardize the health of the other living plants in your yard moving forward.

Consider a Tree Removal Service

After considering both the above items, move on to potentially removing unsightly and unhealthy plants altogether, via a tree removal service. Sometimes there is just not help for it, and you need to remove a tree or bush. When this is the case, ALWAYS call a professional tree removal service. They will be able to remove what you need removed in both a safe and efficient way.

You don’t want to try to do this yourself because unless you are a professional, you won’t have the equipment you need and you very well could end up getting hurt, hurting someone else or damaging either your own property or the surrounding property. Additionally, if you opt to go with a reputable tree removal service, they will be insured, leaving you in the clear for any potential (though very unlikely when done by professionals), damage the happens anyway!

Also note, it is okay to clear a bush or tree that is perfectly healthy if you don’t like the way it looks, wants to re-landscape, etc. You by no means have to go through the above “considerations” first if you already know you want something gone.

Consider Mulching

For so many reasons mulching can be a good idea! First, it can totally transform the look of your hard for a pretty reasonable price. Think about that area where you just can’t get grass to grow, so it just sits there as an unappealing dirt patch. Think of that beautiful flower bed you’re envisioning,  filled in with richly colored mulch, covering the gaps so it has a nice, cohesive flow. This can add huge curb appeal to your home and more importantly be a great way to beautify your lawn so you can enjoy it as well!

Apart from the aesthetics, however, mulch can actually be a great way to maintain the health of your yard as well. This is because mulch can actually help to keep water in the ground, keep plant roots warm when it’s cold and prevent those parsley weeds from cropping up!

This means, during those hot summer months, you won’t have to worry about continuously watering your trees, bushes, and plants because they will be better able to retrain the water they do get. Thus helping to conserve both water and keep your water costs down a bit. This also means you won’t have to worry as much about your plants dying and letting all your hard work and landscaping go to waste when those cold and frosty winter months hit. And finally — and perhaps most importantly — it means spending less time pulling weeds, leaving you more time to enjoy your yard itself!

Beautify Your Yard

Finally, spend some time beautifying your yard overall by bringing in new plant life and getting rid or any excess plant material you no longer need (like old tree stumps for example). New life — even if it is as simple as some new spring flowers, planting the start of a new vine or some low maintenance shrubs — can really breathe a whole new aura into your yard.

On the other hand, removing excess plant material doesn’t just make things look better, it can actually help your new plants grow and thrive. For example, by removing a stump, you remove the potential rot, termites and other pests that inevitably take over the stump itself and harm the other plants in your yard. Just remember, when removing a stump, it is important to go through a certified tree removal service, regardless of if you choose total tree removal (e.g. stump, roots and all), or a stump grinder (e.g. grinding the stump down to its base).


Tall tree trimming in Plymouth Ma
Tall tree trimming in Plymouth Ma