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Tree Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump Grinding: What It Is And Why You Should Do It


You’re staring out your front window and in spite of all the great landscaping you’ve done, all you can see is that giant tree stump sitting directly in the middle of your lawn. It is big, unsightly and you hate it. In fact, you’ve even tripped over it several times. You’ve also heard the longer you let a tree stump sit, the more likely it is to become infested with things like termites and aunts which could potentially harm the rest of your carefully plotted and executed lawn.

This is not an option for you. Apart from the fact you enjoy the rest of your lawn, you are thinking about selling your home soon and that would decrease the value and spoil all your hard work. No - you’ve decide the time has come and stump removal is the best option.

So you start looking into it and you discover you have two options. You can either fully remove the stump or you can grind it down. However, you don’t really know enough about either option to make a decision, so you look into it further.

Here’s what you discover: total stump removal is a much more invasive and time intensive project. While it does remove all the roots of the tree from underground (thus making it easier to plant a new tree or anything else in its place later), it leaves a huge hole in your yard and has the potential to undo a lot of the landscaping you’ve already done.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding on the other hand uses a special tool to chip away at the stump, creating a pile of wood chips which can in turn be re-purposed as mulch. Additionally, Stump grinding takes a lot less time, isn’t intrusive to your already completed landscaping and doesn’t leave a hole in the center of your yard. Plus it is much more eco-friendly. The downsides however, are you risk re-sprouting because the roots are still in place.

Knowing all of this, you make the informed decision to opt for stump grinding over total stump removal. You’ve already finished a lot of landscaping and digging out the roots just to prevent potential re-sprouting that may or may not happen doesn’t seem worth it to you. Next comes actually getting it done.

You begin to look into what it takes to grind a stump down. Surely this is something you could do yourself if you just rent the right equipment, right? As it turns out, NO, it is not! Equipment is incredibly expensive to rent, (more expensive in fact, than it would be just to hire a tree service, or tree stump removal company to come and do it for you).

What’s more, as you researched the proper methods, you began to see that full training is required to master both the needed technique as well as to develop the skills needed to cope with issues as they inevitably arise. In short, you realize it was going to cost more, take you longer and be significantly more dangerous for you to attempt this yourself.

So instead of try, you choose the smarter route and look up “tree services near me” online, you find the right company for you, and by the end of the week that annoying and downright unsightly tree stump that was taking away from your curb appeal and decreasing the value of your home is gone! You can relax knowing no matter what you choose (to sell your home or stay), your lawn will not be an issue for you moving forward.


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