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Tree Removal: What It Is And When You Need It

You bought your dream home awhile back, with a big, beautiful tree right in the backyard. You envisioned family picnics underneath it and maybe putting up a swing. Yet in spite of your best efforts, the tree just seems to be withering away. You’ve called an Arborist to ensure it was pruned properly and to cut away any infectious parts. You also had the Arborist add nutrients into the soil, applied mulch and more. In spite of all this, the tree just looks like it isn’t going to make it. It is now time to look into tree removal.

The main thing to know about tree removal is under no circumstances should you attempt to do it by yourself. First of all, you very likely don’t have the equipment you need for tree removal. Additionally, renting the required equipment is often more expensive than just hiring a tree removal service, so you aren’t doing yourself any favors here. Moreover, it will likely take you quite a bit more time than it would take the professionals, and you will have to dispose of all the tree remnants yourself which will just be a downright pain.

Hire a Tree Removal Professional

Then of course — and this really is the biggest reason of all to hire a professional — you don’t know what you are doing. If you think “How hard can it be to cut down a tree”, the answer is very. It can be dangerous and you don’t want to hurt yourself, hurt others or cause damage to your own property, any surrounding properties or any service type items such as power lines.

In fact, most insurance companies won’t even insure you if they find out you were injured or caused damage to a piece of property because you tried to remove a tree yourself. Professional tree removal services however, have their own insurance, and if — on the very off chance — something were to happen, you would in no way be liable. This is something too seriously think about when looking into the various tree services near you.

There are a few additional tree removal pointers you should be aware of before you take the plunge. Specifically, tree removal doesn’t usually include tree stump removal unless specifically asked for, and this will likely be an additional fee. And you will want to eventually consider stump removal as leaving a tree stump for an extended period of time can end up causing problems for your yard as a whole (namely unwanted rot and pests that can harm your other plants). So looking into stump removal at the same time as tree removal may relive some stress down the road.

Do note there are other reasons to remove a tree, besides it becoming desired and dying. For example you might want to remove a tree because you are allergic to it. You may also want to remove a tree because it is blocking the light for the plants and flowers or even little veggie garden you really want to grow below. Or, you may want to remove a tree because it is too close to your home and you are afraid of it cause damage it could cause. Finally, you could want to remove a tree simply because you don’t like it. All of these are valid reasons to remove a tree from your personal property.

When it comes to tree removal, all you really need to know is a) whether or not you really want or need to do it, and b) always hire a professional. If you can answer the first question and follow through on hiring a professional, your tree removal process should be a smooth and painless one.

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